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When the winter is here,

I hear your music in the air

I come under your grasp and realize

You are as hot as ebony

Oh! Cashmere your love is like a symphony



As fashion has to do with the way we live, Leh Pashmina is here to give you a fashionable living. A unit of Fashion Accessories, a leading company of accessories working from past fifty years, Leh Pashmina is operational from last fourteen years. Having the family business of iron and steel and real estate with a whooping turnover of about 1,500 crores, Leh Pashmina, a well-established brand bears a strong lineage and has made its presence felt all over India and abroad.It’s time now to commence  an entanglement with these hunky-dory Pashmina shawls which will woo your senses, heighten your mood, make you feel revered and keep you warm and inducted in every single woven fiber. An entanglement with as worthy a possession like Cashmere is worth every penny. Moreso, when you are bound to rise in its love and for a stronger reason for being satisfied in this love. A one-stop-shop for shipshape and outstanding Pashmina Talliths, Leh Pashmina holds a special corner in every woman’s heart.  Besides the lovey-dovey and warmish feeling every Cashmere serape of ours will snuggle your personality gracefuly. Besides the heavenly and tantalizing shawls at our bay, we also have assortment of various stoles, scarves, throws and men’s wear to give you fashion in totality.

We have had an array of customers who have been smitten by the amaranthine beauty and splendor of our Pashmina shawls and that is because of the fact that each Pashmina at our company is woven with thorough meticulousness and care. With the contemporary and classic printing, colour set up and embroidery we make sure that we add to the prehistoric value of Cashmere. The illimitable craze for our company’s Cashmere wraps has been following an upward trend and hence we have been successful in safeguarding the unending trust of our patrons. Our avant-garde manufacturing unit manufactures shawls, stoles, mufflers, men’s shawls and Arabic Roomal (a headband for arabics).Besides pure cashmere we deal with silk Pashmina blends and Pashmina wool blends, both knitted and woven. We have a team of nimble craftsmen who work round the clock and produce one Cashmere shawl in a month or a year, depending upon the kind of work patterned for every shawl. Blessed with a miracle of artistry, envisioning and mastery these agile workers are good at taking a head trip and producing a specimen of marvel and finesse. Whilst designing every Cashmere wrap we make sure that our customers don’t just stuck up on one shawl s  rather they flip over the entire collection.