Artsy-Craftsy Designer


 Imaginativeness Involved


“Cashmere is a dream which I love to live with my dexterous designing. 

The more I live this dream the more creativity I ooze”

Archana Chaudhry


A proficient and savvy Fashion Designer, Archana Chaudhry is brilliant and gifted as far as fashion sense is concerned. An adroit textile designer, Archana always had the passion for clothes and accessories and here she is racing with the best Pashmina Shawl houses of the country.  Her keen desire for perception, experimentation and R&D has landed her up into the most aristocratic business of Cashmere Shawls, Scarves, Throws and men’s wear. Her passion for unusual and uncommon dressing is observed in her phenomenal range of Cashmere Shawls which comprehends both trendy and ethnic range. From unpredictable and waggish motifs to grandiose and rich traditional embroideries, from kaleidoscopic digital prints to crystallized and jeweled range she is a prêt designer who is eggheaded in her knack of designing.

Knowing the backwards and forwards of her business she is quick-witted in designing, sampling and managing her products. Having an experience of ten years, she is now an old hand in designing these lovely and fine pieces of Cashmere. Being a rapacious designer, she knows fully the art and craft of Cashmere and hence is fully adept in adding her genuine touch to the genuineness of sprawling Cashmere shawls. Cashmere has always been time-honored and venerable, but Archana has spurred up the mystique romance with these elegant shawls by her quintessential and mind-boggling approach. Her interest in luxury, perfection and sophistication has helped her to add a special touch to these shawls.

Her titillating designing ethos inspires her to imagine and sooner than the later she etches an idea in her mind and sketches her design. She often is bemused by colours, insignias, floral patterns, abstract designs and ethnic engravings. As her choice is unique, whimsical and urbane, her couture always bears a special class. Some of her collections are based on the desert of Wadi Rum, Jordan while there are others which are as white as Salar De Uyuni Salt Desert Bolivia. She is an authentic nature lover so many of her collections reveal her spark for nature. The digital shawls designed by her portray either the cobalt blue beauty of a famous garden Jardin Majorelle, Marrakech, Morocco or they are as peaceful as Kenroku-en garden ishikawa Japan. From splendid architectures to colourful street murals, from rich embroidery patterns to contemporary art, from sculptures to statues, the crafted designer archana runs her imagination across various art and forms and tries to soak every piece of hers in her vivid imagination.