Wherewithal of Cashmere

Undoubtedly Cashmere is a valuable possession, so its upkeep is integral. Even though we provide specially designed covers to the keen customers, still its maintenance is needed for the prolongation of its worth. One of the astounding facts about your cashmere shawl, stole, scarf or throw is that it can last for years and years - if you retain it properly. If you know how to wash, we must tell you that these Cashmere serapes get more flocculent and sybaritic with every wash. Following are some guidelines to follow:

a)     Cleaning: In general, dry cleaning is the most apt and suggested method of washing for pashmina and cashmere care. However, if required you are advised to do it with a mild soap.

b)   Ironing: After drying it on a flat surface you may iron it, by putting a piece of paper or cloth between the iron and the fabric.

C)    Sun drying: Before storing ,it is advised to sun-dry your cashmere so as the left-over germs are killed by the light of the sun

D)Storing: You are recommended to store it in a cooler place wrapped in muslin or a cotton cloth with some cloves, water absorbent and some potpourri for fragrance.


·       Never wash your cashmere articles in a washing machine.

·       Don’t ever think of wrapping up your cashmere capes unkemptly as this may never ease down the wrinkles caused by mishandling

·       Never wash it in hot/warm water as this may lead to the shrinking of your cashmere.

·       Never let it dry in radiant sunlight as there always are chances of it getting bleached due to continous exposure.

·       Try not to iron your Pashmina directly and instead always use a piece of cloth or paper between the Pashmina and the iron.

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