Grab your Pashmina for that wrap-ture moment

With the nip in the air, its time to re-do your wardrobe and gear up to flaunt your chic cashmere collection. Shawl is quite unisex in trend, be it Amitabh Bachchan or Saif Ali Khan to Aishwarya Rai, a shawl draped with elan can never go wrong. For the fashion gurus and high priestesses, a correct knot means a lot, adding to that, the best needs to be picked for turning those heads. Pashmina known as the soft gold of Himalayan regions, epitomises desirable aesthetic value and timelessness. Take a walk by the Himalayan ranges, the rustic bohemian nomadic herders or Bakarwals raise their Carpa Hircus goats to provide the best Pashmina fibre. Pashmina shawls are luxury redefined to stay warm yet look elegant.

Pure the better

A lot of points need to be kept in mind while picking up Pashmina shawl. As the market is hounded by faux ones and mirror copies but you don’t buy a Pashmina shawl but possess one. One need to consider a caution word to keep unscrupulous vendors at bay There are parameters to identify pure Pashmina shawls. You need to test the authenticity of the product before you make the payment.

Suits all occasions

De-clutter your cashmere wardrobe section and pick the latest hue of the season. Since the shade card of Pashmina is mostly in subtle, avoid getting similar shades this Fall. Check your wardrobe and identify the couture taste too. Spanning from weddings, parties, dinner dates or a jazz concert, sporting a Pashmina will turn people green. With your sleek little black dress or tube dress, you can always flaunt your Pashmina. Sarees spruce up with Pashmina, you can always sport the ombre, lavender, orchid hues with ethnic wear keeping up with the colour coordination.

Keep your wardrobe in consideration

With designers exploring hues for Pashmina has grabbed international attention. The Queen of England has an inkling for subtle hues while Kim kardashian is all for sunny yellow hues. As the old popular notion goes, hues were pastels mostly nudes and earth tones. But manufacturers are offering a wide array of shades. Pashmina always have slight sheen with a matte finish. Avoid that flashy sheen as it may be the faux one. Remember! All that glitters is not gold.

Even Thread counts

If you take a trip to Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh, the local manufacturers would enlight you about the best grade concept. The best grade ones are available for 14-15.5 microns as lower is the micron count, the lighter and softer will be the Pashmina shawl. Also don’t get startled with the irregular weave patterns as Pashmina shawls are always woven on handloom.

Burn to test

Pick one thread out of the fringes to conduct the purity test, simply place the thread on the plate and burn it. If the odour resembles burnt-hair smell with powdered ash, it is considered as the touch stone theory for pure Pashmina.

Knots and Mending are important

While you pick the options, ensure that knotting part is meticulous. In knotting, left out silk yarn post weaving is tied into knots or fringes. Ensure that there are more fringes in a shawl holding 35 or more silk yarns. Meticulous knotting and mending are ‘must have’ protocols for checking Pashmina shawl. Mending is the process where woven shawls are checked for damages. Usually, you can check pilling on the shawl as the purest one will come with more pilling.

Irregular Weave

A pure Pashmina is always be woven on a handloom, the irregular weave texture explains that. Just hold the Pashmina against sunlight or regular light and irregularities will been seen.

Post sale service a must

If this Fall, you wish to pick up Pashmina shawl then stay away from home visiting vendors hailing from the region. They might offer you an eye grabbing offer but authenticity is a big doubt. You may visit Leh Pashmina in Delhi to grab that unique piece of royalty in the form of Pashmina shawl. Not only will you be spoilt for choice but also be assured of the original shawl. An exclusive fibre that epitomise sheer pristine regal genre. The best fibre gets accumulated in the spring, each Pashmina shawl symbolises magic weaved in yarns. Leh Pashmina offers great post sale services too incase if you encounter any issue about the Pashmina. So, you yearn for regal Pashmina, you know where your destination is.

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Mission Kalady to Kedar


Leh Pashmina also contributed in Mission  kalady to kedar, which is a pan india road journey from 14th February 2014 to 16th June 2014 . Our Shawls, mufflers and gloves were used by the team members in cold climates. As this Mission was received by Governors and many senior bureaucrats and Political Leaders across India, the ageless Leh Pashmina Shawls were gifted to them.

About Mission Kalay to Kedar::  

“Shankara’s Renaissance Yatra” of Mission – Kaladi to Kedar, is a venture by the Patriotic and Shankara devoted Indian Youths to bring all Indians under one platform of Shankara World. The cavalcade commences the road journey from Shankara’s birth place Kaladi in Kerala, collecting the holy soil in a kalash and then travels 2200 Kilometers, to finally reach Kedarnath in Himalayas. This is a historical mission in the history of modern India which will be remembered as Renaissance of Adi Shankara by Indian youth..

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