Leh Pashmina also contributed in Mission  kalady to kedar, 

which is a pan india road journey from 14th February 2014 to 16th June 2014 . Our Shawls, mufflers and gloves were used by the team members in cold climates. As this Mission was received by Governors and many senior bureaucrats and Political Leaders across India, the ageless Leh Pashmina Shawls were gifted to them

About Mission Kalady to Kedar:  

 “Shankara’s Renaissance Yatra” of Mission – Kaladi to Kedar, is a venture by the Patriotic and Shankara devoted Indian Youths to bring all Indians under one platform of Shankara World. The cavalcade commences the road journey from Shankara’s birth place Kaladi in Kerala, collecting the holy soil in a kalash and then travels 2200 Kilometers, to finally reach Kedarnath in Himalayas. This is a historical mission in the history of modern India which will be remembered as Renaissance of Adi Shankara by Indian youth.