How to look after your Cashmere Investment - for a lifetime

Few tips on taking care of our beloved Cashmere products

1. Always wash in cold water either by Hand or in washing machine using handwashing cycle. If your machine doesn’t have a handwashing or ‘gentle’ cycle option, then put your exotic cashmere inside a pillow case and put it on a cold wash cycle.

2. Use very mild detergent or cashmere / wool mild shampoo. ensure that all the detergent of shampoo completely dissolves in water.

3. Never wring or twist the cashmere garment or fabric, simply squeeze it very gently instead, to ensure it won’t lose its shape.

4. Please take care that if water in your area is hard water then it is recommended to use water softener.

5. After washing lay the Cashmere flat on a large towel for drying. this way the beautiful fabric wont lose its shape. Never hang cashmere for drying when wet.

6. Dry Cleaning is highly recommended with reputed dry cleaner, if hand washing is not your style.

7. Ensure when storing Cashmere it is totally dry and does not have any moisture else Moth attack comes fast. Use anti-moth products like naphthalene balls while storing.

8. Avoid using plastic bags for long storage of Cashmere and store in paper or cloth bag instead. This will preserve its original form and make sure it has greater protection against dust and moisture.